B.O.B wants out? Seeks to expose the corporate world!


There has been an uprising of celebrities speaking out against the entertainment world and against the U.S. government over the past 5 years. In 2010 there had been a whole trend with speaking out against the “Illuminate”. While I personally do not know the whole truth behind the “Illuminate” within the entertainment world, I do know it is a money making machine that will transform any new artists image into a sex selling corporate sponsorship quicker than you can say… Myellow!

With the obvious attempts by major record companies to put out radio content that will appeal to the masses especially teenagers it is easy to see the simplicity in musical content these days. We rarely get a glimpse into an artists heart that is trying to change for the world for the better. Atleast not on a commercial level. There are a few exceptions though. Now here comes B.O.B. A rapper currently signed to power house Atlantic Records. B.O.B. has always had a slightly left field approach to his music even while being signed to Atlantic and has often taken subliminal jobs at the “higher ups”. The biggest news recently comes from his latest mix tape release entitled “Water”. I personally took a listen to it a few days back and was blown away with the conscious topics that he speaks on. He truly seems to be wanting to expose much of the corruption and illusions that society and the entertainment world have tried to sway us into believing. While not every idea within every single song is proven true, it will definitely make you think outside the box!

I highly recommend downloading the WATER mix tape to see for yourself. I will provide a link to where you can download it for free. B.O.B. is on the verge of starting a whole new direction within his music career and a hopeful uprising of people beginning to question societies “truths”.

Download Here.




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