Revolution Uprise Podcast 2 (Material gain and happiness)

This is the 2nd podcast of Revolution Uprise. Normally I would have my sidekick Aaron on the show with me but tonight I flew solo. Ive never had to fill an hr spot with just me before but I managed. The show hits a wide range of topics including how religion can cause self doubt and lead to guilt. Also spoke on the idea of letting go of baggage from our past that has been weighing us down all these years. Let go of the baggage and be present with you current beautiful self. As I continue to do these I feel that I can even learn new ideas from just speaking to you guys. It kind of opens my mind and allows me to look at the things that even I struggle with.
Thank you soo much for watching! Like and subscribe if you enjoyed. There will be plenty more to come! Happy New years!

D Tru


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