The world’s judgement due to media.

I had the chance to stumble upon this video on facebook a few weeks back. The message that is portrayed is astonishing. It makes us reflect on our day to day interactions with fellow man. The sad part is that many of our interactions and the way that we respond is based on the way the “media” has told us to react to certain cultures.

There are times that I feel like a crazy man. It never fails that every job, music collabs and general public interaction’s that I encounter the notion that many other individuals that I meet are solely interested on what you can do to boost their ego.  The true message is simple… Behind every beliefe whether encouraging, discouraging our every thought based soley upon what we were told was “truth”. Some say “ima real one” I just say that im living beyond the unquenchable thirst of the ego.  I don’t play the same game that 97% of America does.  I see us all as one but yet many have been brought up in different cultures and social structures that its seen as a blessing to many and in some eyes it is considered a curse.


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