“I Am God” A reminder from Wayne Dyer. (Audio)

To say “I am God” you will more than likely get a lot of strange looks by people on the street and a title of “blasphemer” from modern religion. Though I must say, years back when I first started to question many things, that I too found this video slightly shocking. Not really in such a bad way but a refreshing way that had left me to ponder how the idea of love has been taught through the generations. This truly seems like the underlying theme in most religions but yet the whole idea of religions has kept us so separated. Could it be that we have been viewing ourselves and love wrong all along? Obviously something is wrong if we would just take a look around. So much hate and separation within politics, religion, race etc.. Could it be that we have bought into the idea that our thoughts are truly who we are and not an automatic conditioned response from our subconscious minds? Have we been too consumed by our own thoughts to stop and see who we really are? We are spiritual beings living in a human experience. Though our bodies wither away the spirit is the only thing that can be viewed as finite. Science is slowly starting to catch up to spiritual concepts but until it does, its up to us to choose if we want to wait that long. Who sees though our eyes? A great question to ponder.

Peace and Love



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