Meditation and public schooling…

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Growing in Christianity up I had always thought that meditation was a bad thing and was always associated with Buddhism. As a teen I had severe anxiety with periodic anxiety attacks but never had thought of meditation as a way to counter my anxiety. In my mid twenties I had become soo overwhelmed with anxiety that I had decided to seek professional help. During this time my psychologist had prescribed me an antidepressant and had told me of a few simple breathing techniques. My first medication was Paxil which I had taken for about 3 months which had provided no comfort. I had tried the breathing techniques occasionally but often felt frusterated due to the lack of progress.

I had never viewed meditation as an exercise and didn’t realize that it took practice in order to see results. I then was prescribed Prozac, Remeron, Wellbuterin, Vyvance, Adderall and a few other drugs with temporary comfort coming from Vyvanse. I often would become discouraged due to the fact that Vyvance served as a bandage only providing temporary moments of peace and clarity throughout my days of taking it.

When my insurance would no longer cover Vyvance and I had realized that I could no longer afford it due to a month supply costing an average of $220.00 a bottle, I had decided to research alternative methods. I began listening to Wayne Dyer, Burt Harding, Duncan Trussell and a few other teachers noticing that all of them had stressed the importance of daily meditation. As my anxiety continued I had decided to get serious about pravticing meditation. Everyday I decided to dedicate 20 to 30 minutes to practicing meditation. During extreme stress I would also take a few minutes to focus on my breath which would always seem to bring comfort and clarity. I would inhale while countibg to 4 and then hold my breath for 7 seconds and exhale while counting to 8 and repeate. This had always brought me to my present state where I could feel how tense my body felt. I had never realized that throughout the day that my muscles especially my shoulders were always extremely tense. I have had great breakthroughs with meditation and highly reccomend it to everybody. The more that I practice the more I notice myself automatically beginning to focus on my breathing throughout the day especially during times of stress. An important thing to remember is to never be hard on yourself when you see that you are reacting to a stressful situation. This will only create more stress which will create a re occuring cycle of anxiety in which will be hard to escape from.

Remember to view meditation as a practice similar to working out. You don’t gain strength or lose weight when you first start going to the gym. You must do it frequently and consistantly to see results. Be patient and consistant and as time goes by, you will slowly begin to see moments of peace and clarity in your everyday life. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Jerry- Revolution Uprise





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