Kanye West’s rant on Ellen and his idea of ending bullying by making fashion more affordable for kids.

I watched Kanye’s rant during the Ellen Degeneres show and I too thought it was a bit over the top. While I like his vision for stopping bullying in school’s by making fashionable clothing “more affordable” for kids, he seem’s to be aiding in the problem. Kanye along with many other rappers tend to glorify material wealth including money, car’s, jewelry and high end designer fashion.

Of course teen’s will try to immulate and try to obtain the high end fashion that their favorite pop star’s glorify within their music. While Kanye’s idea of making high end fashion is a nobile gesture, I think the real solution would be for the the entertainment business to quit glorifying these things. By doing so teen’s will stop basing self worth and popularity on style and possessions.


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