When music speak’s to the soul (Old man cries to a song by eminem)


In a day and age where music is often dilluted in order for the masses to comprehend, it seem’s that there are still some song’s that are written from the heart that make it to the radio. Eminem is still one who can reach one’s heart with brilliant poety and incredible wordplay.
It seem’s that eminem has come a long way since the first Marshal Mathers LP due to many personal struggles and adversities. A newer song entitles “headlights” featuring Nate Ruess is a prime example of a song that can touch one’s soul. This is a song dedicated to his mother which is an attempt at forgiveness and unconditional love. This is an incredible view change from his earlier work with song’s like “cleaning out my closet” which seemed to display frusteration and resentment toward’s his mother’s action’s.
The beautiful thing about the song “headlight’s” was that it was able to connect to an older gentleman on his youtube reaction channel (NearlySeniorCitizen Yetagamer). On his reaction video the man was touched so deeply by the song that he began to cry a minute in to listening. I give much respect to the man for in his older age he was openen minded enough to give the song a listen. This goes to show that real music is still out there and can have the ability to reach even the most unlikely listener’s. Watch the video below for yourself.


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