A guest speaker gives a message about parents that bring’s tears to a middle school class.

As a teen many of us shy away from our parent’s in order to find freedom. I too remember how frusterated I would get when my parent’s wouldn’t let me do something or would give advice on negative choice’s. I remember thinking that my parent’s had no idea what I was going through. I also remember my dad telling me when I was around 8 that obe day as a teenager that I wouldn’t want to be around him and my mom. I always remembered that. After highschool I had realized that he was in a way right. Now as a parent myself I realize that it was all because we want to protect our kids. It saddens me to see the way that some teen’s treat their mom’s and dad’s. If they only knew the love that their parent’s have for them.

This is an awesome video that sent a powerful message to young people concerning their parent’s. Many young people were in tear’s while listening to this guest speaker at their school. If you are a parent and are struggling with your teen, this would be a great video to show them.



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