Unresolved childhood trauma and the effects on parenting. (Educational clip narrated by Dr Shefali Tsabary)

Another exclusive Revolutionuprise educational video montage that we hope will help those who are stuck within the shadows of emotional pain. This video is narrated by clinical psychologist Dr Shefali Tsbary on the reason many parents struggle due to past emotional scars. These emotions tend to surface unknowingly during interactions with our children that can act as an emotional trigger. Since many of us tend to distract ourselves as a way of avoiding the discomfort of looking within, many of these subconscious scars go unresolved. The effects of unresolved childhood scars can alter the way we interact with our children on a daily- moment to moment basis.

   By refusing to face our past we automatically react in negative manors to situations which can cause a repetitious negative cycle of choices and social interactions that may not have gone in our favor.  A conditioned response to past emotions can begin to arise which can limit our patients and can create a control-ego response. These responses can in many cases have an overpowering-emotional bullying tone and can occur without a parent even realizing it.


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