Our daughters health issues and surgery’s over the past 6 months ending in victory.

Thanks again for the prayer and support from everyone over the past month’s. This all has been an eye opening experience and am grateful to see it all coming to an end. Im not sure how Serenity had remained so strong through it all but has definitely been an inspirational journey.
20160621_185702There has been many changes that I could of never imagined taking place over the past 7 months that have provided many life lessons. One of the many lessons being that life doesnt always happen to me but through me. There is always a choice to have a victim or a victor perspective. How we respond to adversity only creates the template of what lies ahead. Every life event can pose as a life lesson if you you can remove limited thinking and just allow it. The question of why and how seems to only bring frusteration but the simple act of allowing life to unfold seems to bring comfort and transformation.
Thanks again to everyone who has shown compassion to my family. It has meant the world to.. I am ready for this all to be over with and to turn the page and begin this new life chapter for Serenity and our little family:)


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