Shakespeare’s quote “To BE or not to BE” may provide answers to one of lives biggest misconception’s.


I had a possible flow of consciousness today.. I was thinking of when we all were kids and how life was so much more fun. All we wanted to do is to play and we had no worries and no pressure to BE anything but present. The only thing we knew was to just BE, not BE anything but to just BE. (Though I must note, that it is sad and unfortunate that many children are robbed of happiness due to faulty family structures which can haunt them later in life.) Continuing on, I think about how so many of us are so stressed beyond belief trying to BEcome someone of importance or simply trying to fit the social template of today and go round and round desperately trying to obtain knowledge in hopes to BEing happy like we once were when we were young. Yet again when we were young all we knew was to BE, unlike when we are adults we are trying to BEcome a better person, BEcome stress free, BEcome happy, as if we must earn it. Maybe in accepting ourselves fully without the guilt from the past and worry of BEcoming in the future, we will start to declutter our adult mind’s by thinking less just as a child once did.

Afterall all that will ever exist will happen right now. Now is all there is. Maybe this could help us to understand that the peace and happiness that we thought we had lost long ago had never left but it was our past and future thinking that had hindered it. Maybe there is no pursuit of happiness because we had it all along. Maybe by stopping our endless chase of perfection and just accepting ourselves fully and unconditionally by just BEing, we can BE happy and BE at peace. Maybe it’s all to simple to comprehend lol…Human BEing. To BE or not to BE, that really is the true question.

Just a thought:)


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