Hoping to inspire others with my fitness goals.

Like I spoke of in a previous video, 2016 has been a challenging year. The past few months have seemed to have gotte


n the best of me where I had fallen into depression. I seem to have lost touch with Who I Really Am and begun to listen to the mind which had caused major emotional pain.

My fitness updates aren’t for any sort attention but in hopes of motivating those who struggle with self image and motivation like I have. I am currently using the Zombies, Run app on my runs. I am of course easing into it but I can feel a difference already. I am no super guru by any means, I’m just a guy who has done a lot of research due to being unhappy with the way I have felt about myself. I also feel that by making my progress transparent, I will feel as of I have accountability. The mind is a very unreliable gauge of self worth unfortunately. Break through to the other side, we have it in us.

My goal is to get back to where I was in 2008. I worked hard back then but had lost my fitness drive due to life circumstances. I am hoping to avoid this issue this time and not be swayed. Good luck to everyone out there that are striving for their fitness goals.

Stay tuned




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