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Revolution Uprise was founded late 2015 by Owner Jerry Davis Jr. While still in its early stages, Revolution Uprise is a platform that allows knowledge and consciousness to be shared among bloggers and truth seekers alike. The article’s displayed on Revolution Uprise shed light on the many encouraging and positive aspect’s in society along with some of the growth hindering aspect’s of pop culture, government, religion and social norm’s. Some of the topic’s and idea’s that are posted are debatable by many, this often leaves room for discussion and open mindedness. This is vital for us all in order to expand beyond our old growth inhibiting concept’s and belief’s. Revolution Uprise is unique do to its user engaging platform and Podcast featuring Jerry Davis Jr also known as “D Tru”. ¬†As a listener you will find a wide range of topics including spirituality, consciousness and philosophy that will encourage you to question everyday society and the reckless portrayal of media at large. Among other things featured on the site, you will also soon be able to view and purchase merchandise and art which also relates to the recent consciousness shift that we are currently undergoing. We are grateful that you have chosen to stop by the site and hope that you will bookmark it for further exploring later on.




Revolution Uprise


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